Board Meeting Minutes February 19, 2016



Friday, February 19, 2016 – 10:00 am, URC102



Present: Janette Brown, Bob Church, Fred Dear, David Donovan, Linda Forman, Bill Givens, Connie Horak, Dixon Johnson, Martin, Howard Saperston, Harriet Servis, Donna Simmons, David Tool, Victor Webb, Lynn Williams

Absent: Jeanne Church, Sally Emerson, Carole Gustin, Art Ochoa, Jo Ochoa

Others Present:

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM by President Mike Klineman.

Minutes: January 15, 2016 minutes were approved as presented. Moved: Donna Simmons, Second: Bill Givens.


President/Mike Klineman:

  • The President called the meeting to order, and mentioned that university wide retirement plans are being revised. Retirees who have funds in the university plans should contact human resources.

Finance/Dick Martin:

  • Treasurer’s report: Dick circulated a detailed financial analysis of all income and expenses for the current fiscal year, as of 2/18/2016. SRA finances are “in good shape!” with strong membership growth. The USC Credit Union accounts total $26,433.90, with $12,814.60 in the checking account. The SRA share of the Endowment Account is $46,655.82 (annual earnings rate = 4.30%).
  • As of 1/13/2016 we had 314 renewals/new members for 2015-16 (plus 142 spouse members) with 91 2015 delinquents. Five (5) members renewed beyond 2016, and we have 176 Life Members. Non-renewal letters and/or phone calls continue to be made. All renewals from today forward will be good through 2017. Year to date for 2015-16 total funds received for dues, endowment and gifts are $14,437.00.
  • Motion: Rollover the share account at the USC Credit Union. Moved: Linda K. Forman, Seconded Harriet Servis, passed unanimously.

Vice President’s Report Hospitality and Programs/Connie Horak and Harriet Servis:

  • This year’s Staff Retirement lunch is scheduled for Thursday, March 17, 2016. Flowers for the tables have been ordered. Bill Givens will drive the cart. The group photo will be taken around 1:30 pm, upon conclusion of the luncheon. The wufoo reservation line is being monitored daily. Of the 130 retirees, 70 have been contacted to date and 8 plan to attend. One retiree called and asked if she could be honored the following year, since she will be out of town. Motion to approve request: Moved, Linda K. Forman, Seconded, Dixon Johnson. Approved.
  • Invitations are out.
  • Items still underway included recruiting volunteers for the check-in table, preparing “goody bags” for the new retirees, telephoning new retirees and encouraging them to attend, ensuring that the cart is available for our members who cannot walk from the parking and updating SRA brochures.
  • Nominations are now open for the J. Tillman Hall award. Nomination forms are available on the web site. Several names have already been submitted.   Choice will be by committee.
  • A photographer has been hired.
  • Don Stimmler, Senior Vice President will speak.
  • The September program has been arranged. Thom Mason, Professor of Jazz Studies, will speak on Frank Sinatra, hopefully in the Norris Theatre. The speaker’s fee will be $150. Rent is usually $350; Todd Dickey’s office will be contacted about possible support. Once details are confirmed, a Board resolution will be required.
  • Next year’s Holiday Party is scheduled for Friday, December 2, 2016. An advance fee of $4,000 will be required to hold the date.

.RFA/Victor Webb:

  • The next Sherry Hour will be held today, February 19, 2016.
  • The RFA is working to implement new administrative support structures and resolve problems, related to the new Emeriti Center (EC) structure and provision of support staff. The Board is working with Bob Scales and John Casagrande to “go digital”.
  • While RFA programs, such as Caldwell Scholars, continue to do well, the RFA needs to recruit new members.

Staff Assembly Report/David Donovan:

  • Todd Dickey spoke at the most recent Staff Assembly, which was most informative. Todd reviewed retirement plan changes, physical plant improvement, changes on the Health Sciences Campus (HSC), upcoming changes to parking and the Coliseum.

Staff, Student and Community Opportunities and Activities Committee/David Tool:

  • Neighborhood issues such as safety, emergency preparedness and traffic continue to be actively addressed.
  • An exhibit honoring veterans, Remember the Fallen, was presented Bob Hope Patriotic Hall. The exhibit was organized by a USC Vet Alum. David will be assisting student vets who are producing a film documentary on the Viet Nam war. The Dean of the School of Social Work is investigating new funding to develop a center and peer counseling for veterans.

Internet/Web Site Content/Linda Forman:

  • No report.

Benefits and Resources/Howard Saperston:

  • Janette Brown and Howard Saperston will meet in March to discuss reorganization of the Benefits and Resources Committee. The Committee will be inactive until reorganization is complete.

Special Events/Dick Martin and Bill Givens:

  • The Los Angeles downtown theater tour will begin around 10:00 am, with lunch following at the newly renovated Clifton’s Cafeteria. Transportation will be the responsibility of the participants, with the Metro suggested as a good alternative. There are also a variety of parking lots available in the area, including Pershing Square. Publicity and reservations will be done by e-mail through the Emeriti Center’s (EC) system already in place.
  • A tour of the Los Angeles Asia museum is being organized. Details will be available on the EC web site.
  • SRA has 50 tickets for the Spring Musical, A Little Night Music, April 2, 2016 at 2:30 pm in the Bing Theater. An email invite, along with postcards, will be sent shortly. Tickets are $8.00.
  • Additional suggestions include: a visit to the Broad Museum followed by lunch at the family style restaurant next door; a small-group visit to the early California arts collection at the Jonathon Club hosted by member Mary Lane and organized by Harriet Servis.

Emeriti Center/Janette Brown:

  • Janette can now make changes to the SRA web site. Send feedback and specific corrections to her.
  • Our student assistants are rather limited in their time availability and are housed in URC 106.
  • So far on the docket:
    • A book signing and presentation by Oliver Mayer on his big dog books for children February 26 just prior to the visions and voices libraries event taking place later that afternoon.
    • A special physical therapy afternoon with multiple workshops conducted by USC PT Faculty and PhD students. Friday, March 18.
    • Smart phone and iPad workshops
  • Thanks to Jerry Walker’s efforts, we will have Dagmar Halamka presenting a six part “Joy of Law” workshop at the Palos Verdes library starting at the end of January.
  • Plato Society presentations at Skirball
  • Rich & Rosie Sundeen – April 9, 4-6 pm in Manhattan Beach
  • SRA Membership Committee chaired by Connie Horak and Janette Brown will be looking for volunteers to make calls, and review new data, including information about retirees with 5-9.9 years’ service
  • A volunteer’s web page is under development. We need to engage retired staff and faculty in the wide range of intergenerational volunteer activities available to us as USC retirees.

Emeriti College/Janette Brown:

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • None

Future Meeting Dates:

  • April 15 – SRA Board Meeting
  • May 20 – SRA Board Meeting
  • June TBD – General Meeting

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 12:03 pm.

Recorded by Linda K. Forman