Board Meeting Minutes – July 15, 2016



Friday, July 15, 2016 – 10:00 am, URC102


Present: Janette Brown, Bob Church, David Donovan, Bill Givens, Jill Hopkins, Mike Klineman, Dick Martin, Harriet Servis, Donna Simmons, Victor Webb, Lynn Williams

Absent: Fred Dear, Sally Emerson, Linda Forman, Connie Horak, Carole Gustin, Dixon Johnson, Art Ochoa, Jo Ochoa, Howard Saperston, David Tool

Others Present:

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:10 AM by President Mike Klineman.

Minutes: April 15, 2016 minutes were approved as corrected. Moved, Dick Martin; Seconded, Bill Givens.


President/Mike Klineman:

  • The President called the meeting to order. Donna Simmons shared the email and phone number for Howard Saperston, who is under treatment at City of Hope. He is feeling better and ready to talk to friends.

Finance/Dick Martin:

  • Treasurer’s report: Dick circulated a detailed financial analysis of all income and expenses for the current fiscal year, as of 7/14/2016. The USC Credit Union accounts total $34,181.54, with $20,499.92 in the checking account.       The SRA share of the Endowment Account is $49,740.82 (annual earnings rate = 4.30%). Year to date for 2015-16 total funds received for dues, endowment and gifts are $15,698.00.
  • As of 5/18/2016 we had 227 renewals/new members for 2016/17 (plus 126 spouse members) with 113 2016 delinquents. Three (3) members renewed beyond 2017, and we have 171 Life Members. All renewals from April 1, 2016 forward will be good through 2017. A renewal letter went out the first week of June, including the 88 2015 delinquencies.
  • The Board approved a requisition to encumber $4,000 for the 2016 Holiday event.

Vice President’s Report Hospitality and Programs/Connie Horak, Harriet Servis and Donna Simmons:

  • Connie Horak was not in attendance.
  • The June General Meeting held at the Allan Hancock Foundation Building was a great success. A brief business meeting was followed by lunch and small group tours. Bree Russell from the Cinematic Arts Library gave an overview of the unique USC historical monument. Thanks to Bree and her student volunteers for conducting the tour. Sixty (60) were in attendance out of 73 who registered. Delivery of 65 brown bag lunches from the University Club and were well received (except for the veggie).
  • The September program has been arranged for Friday September 30, 2016. Thom Mason, Professor of Jazz Studies, will speak on Frank Sinatra, hopefully in the Norris Theatre (which is not available pending student courses). A short URL has been developed for the postcard. We will again use the University Club for bag lunches.
  • This year’s Holiday Party is scheduled for Friday, December 2, 2016. An encumbrance of $4,000 has been approved to hold the date.
  • Planning is now underway for the 32nd Annual Staff Retirement Luncheon to be held in March 2017.
  • Suggestions for future programs include: a tour of the Jonathon Club’s early California art collection followed by lunch (limited attendance) and a program focused on avoiding identity theft. Dixon Johnson suggested the “Stop Senior Scams Acting Program” featured in the LA Times.

RFA/Victor Webb (reported by Janette Brown and Michael Klineman):

  • Janette and Michael attended the RFA Board meeting last week. The RFA is challenged by a leadership void. Jerry Walker has stepped up to coordinate the Sherry Hours and Ken Servis (new treasurer) may represent RFA on the SRA Board. The RFA Board has asked us to delay our $500 contribution to the Caldwell Scholarship until the new RFA Board solidifies. Victor Webb will attend the AROHE meeting in Seattle.

Staff Assembly Report/David Donovan:

  • Among other items, David reported that a Doctors of USC eye center (with eyeglasses too) has opened at the USC Gateway Building.

Staff, Student and Community Opportunities and Activities Committee/David Tool:

  • Although on jury duty, David reported via email. Many neighborhood residents continue to have negative attitudes about USC (often based on unacceptable student behavior). He recommends that outreach programs to the community continue (e.g.¸ USC support for neighborhood schools, and scholarship assistance. Several new ethnic restaurants have opened in the neighborhood and David encourages USC faculty and staff to visit them. David volunteers at the USC Vet Center in Tutor Hall. Joel Forman and eight (8) other staff/faculty/retirees have agreed to participate in the Vet Mentor program.

Internet/Web Site Content/Linda Forman:

  • Suggested changes to the SRA web site should be emailed to John Casagrande at with copies to Janette Brown and the Emeriti Center (EC) staff at

Benefits and Resources/Howard Saperston:

  • None

Special Events/Dick Martin and Bill Givens:

  • A docent led tour of the Metro red line art displays is being organized. It will start at the downtown Metro station and include a lunch at Mel’s Diner, before returning to the downtown stations;
  • A tour of Walt Disney Concert Hall, focusing on the incredible organ;
  • A tour of the new University Village organized through USC security;
  • Additional suggestions include: a tour of the Holocaust Museum at Fairfax Park, a visit to the Broad Museum followed by lunch at the family style restaurant next door; a small-group visit to the early California arts collection at the Jonathon Club hosted by member Mary Lane and organized by Harriet Servis.
  • The SRA Board discussed inviting RFA members to special events (especially if they pay for postcards to the RFA). Exposure to some fun activities might help revitalize RFA.

Emeriti Center/Janette Brown:

  • Our student assistants are housed in URC 103. Emails to Janette Brown and/or the EC should also be copied to the student workers at, so that they can more effectively help Janette.
  • Janette is applying to attend the American Society on Aging meeting in Chicago next March
  • A webinar for engaging retirees is being developed
  • A major event on aging will be held in November in the GERO auditorium, $40 registration with lunch, something new at USC
  • Several small wire type patio tables have been purchased for the URC courtyard. They are helpful to all, with meetings now spilling out onto the URC patio.

Emeriti College/Janette Brown:

  • Thanks to Jerry Walker’s efforts, Dagmar Halamka is presenting a six part “Joy of Law” workshop at the Palos Verdes library that started at the end of January.
  • See the EC web site for the many more details concerning EC programs available to all, at

Old Business:

New Business:

Future Meeting Dates:

  • August 19 – SRA Board Meeting
  • September TBD – General Meeting
  • October 21 – SRA Board Meeting
  • November 18 – SRA Board Meeting
  • December 2 – Annual Holiday Breakfast
  • January 16 – SRA Board Meeting
  • February 17 – – SRA Board Meeting
  • March TBD – 32nd Annual Staff Retirement Luncheon
  • April 21 – SRA Board Meeting
  • May 19 – SRA Board Meeting
  • June TBD – General Meeting and election of officers
  • Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.

Recorded by Donna Simmons