Board Meeting Minutes – October 21, 2016



Friday, October 21, 2016 – 10:00 am, URC102


Present: Janette Brown, Bob Church, Linda Forman, Bill Givens, Jill Hopkins, Connie Horak, Mike Klineman, Calvin Lau, Dick Martin, Howard Saperston, Harriet Servis, Donna Simmons, David Tool, Lynn Williams

Absent: Fred Dear, David Donovan, Sally Emerson, Carole Gustin, Dixon Johnson, Art Ochoa, Jo Ochoa

Others Present:

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:10 AM by President Mike Klineman.

Minutes: May 20, July 15 and August 19, 2016 minutes were approved as corrected. Moved, Donna Simmons; Seconded, Connie Horak.


President/Mike Klineman:

  • The President called the meeting to order and commented that the June 10, 2016 General Meeting was great.
  • Introduced Calvin Lau, who is currently Interim President for the Retired Faculty Association (RFA). Calvin can be reached at
  • Art Ochoa had a heart attack and is now recovering at home.
  • Linda Forman will update and distribute a new roster.

Finance/Dick Martin:

  • Treasurer’s report: Dick circulated a detailed financial analysis of all income and expenses for the current fiscal year, as of 10/20/2016. The USC Credit Union accounts total $31,710.31, with $18,053.51 in the checking account.       The SRA share of the Endowment Account is $49,740.82 (annual earnings rate = 4.50%). Year to date for 2016-17 total funds received for dues, endowment and gifts are $11,485.00
  • As of 10/20/2016 we had 281 renewals/new members for 2016-17 (plus 129 joint members) with 71 2016 delinquents. Three (3) members renewed beyond 2017, and we have 172 Life Members.
  • Linda K. Forman moved and Donna Simmons seconded a motion to roll interest of $2,265.00 earned by the endowment back into the endowment account. Motion passed.

Vice President’s Report Hospitality and Programs/Connie Horak, Harriet Servis, and Donna Simmons:

  • The September30, program featured Thom Mason, Professor of Jazz Studies, who spoke on Frank Sinatra. The speaker’s fee was $150. Amazingly, the entire program was planned by the committee via email, without any face to face meetings (paperless, efficient and very 21st century). After the talk, the overflowing group of attendees walked across to the Norris Auditorium lobby to tour the exhibit of Frank Sinatra memorabilia. Lunch followed. A fantastic time was had by all.
  • This year’s Holiday Party is scheduled for Friday, December 2, 2016 at the Town and Gown.

We got in early so our contract rate is the same ($21) as last year. A requisition for the advance fee of $4,500 has now been encumbered. A proof of the Holiday flyer was circulated for review and labels were affixed to the invitation post cards by the Board members at the end of the Board meeting. The committee needs the number of postcards to send out invitations to RFA prior to November 1.

  • Planning is now underway for the 32nd Annual Staff Retirement Luncheon to be held March 17, 2017.
  • Some ideas for future general meetings were shared (e.g. L.A. Coliseum tour, Glorya Hoffman School of Dance visit, and Union Village tour).

RFA/Calvin Lau:

  • Calvin Lau is currently interim President for the RFA. The RFA is developing an action plan for moving forward with limited external administrative support. Calvin noted that on-line services like Wufoo have proved to be valuable tools to absorb part of the administrative load, in this case collecting attendance data for the Sherry Hours. Ken Servis will serve as Treasurer for next year.

Staff Assembly Report/David Donovan (reported by Bill Givens):

  • At last month’s meeting Awilda Bregan reviewed 403-B investment plan options and explained updates to the 2016-17 health plans. It has been forecast that within three years health plan costs could double.
  • Mike Kline noted that we need to remind the President and provostial staff of the value of staff and retiree (both Staff and Faculty) inclusion in decisions regarding health care, cultural issues and strategic university development.

Staff, Student and Community Opportunities and Activities Committee/David Tool:

  • David Tool noted that LAPD and DPS are improving service, and have been aided by a bill passed by the California legislature that gives USC DPS officer full peace-officer status with powers to arrest, issue citations/tickets, etc. He suggests we all join the web site “Next”; LAPD posts crime reports by neighborhood and address. LAPD southwest division will have a street fair October 28-30, 2016. The USC Cohen Veterans’ Mental Health Clinic will treat veterans and their extended families; now agencies are cooperating for veteran resources; has 12 faculty and staff who are agreeing to be mentors for vets.
  • Attended a variety of neighborhood council and veterans committee meetings and hosted a planning session lunch for six potential mentors who have volunteered for the USC mentoring program.

Internet/Web Site Content/Open:

  • The Emeriti Center, RFA and SRA web sites are being actively updated. We need volunteers to review the changes. Please log-on and review for appearance, ease of use and content. Email suggested changes to the web sites to John Casagrande at with copies to Janette Brown and the Emeriti Center (EC) staff at

Benefits and Resources/Connie Horak:

  • Kathy Walker is trying to organize a workshop for younger employees concerning the types of information they should have available in order to help parents, friends and seniors in times of emergency. As of this year, the retiree Senior Care plan rate remains flat. Linda Forman shared that during her illness, her adult children did not have access to some necessary information, a situation she plans to rectify shortly. Linda also volunteered to write a short paragraph for Janette Brown, describing what happened.

Special Events/Dick Martin and Bill Givens:

  • A tour of the Los Angeles Asia museum is being organized. Details will be available on the EC web site. Suggested transportation for the tour is the Metro rail to the Memorial Park Station in Pasadena.
  • A docent led tour of the Metro red line art displays is being organized. It will start at the downtown Metro station and include a lunch at Mel’s Diner, before returning to the downtown stations.
  • Additional suggestions include: a tour of the Holocaust Museum at Fairfax Park, a visit to the Broad Museum followed by lunch at the family style restaurant next door; a small-group visit to the early California arts collection at the Jonathon Club hosted by member Mary Lane and organized by Harriet Servis.

Emeriti Center/Janette Brown:

  • Our student assistants are housed in URC 103. Emails to Janette Brown and/or the EC should also be copied to the student workers at, so that they can more effectively help Janette
  • A volunteer’s web page is under development, possibly under the umbrella of Trojans Helping Trojans. We need to engage retired staff and faculty in the wide range of intergenerational volunteer activities available to us as USC retirees, focusing on the value of bringing together inter-disciplinary, inter-generational programs with our retirees as catalyst.
  • The Emeriti Center newsletter is going to press. It will be delivered by both email and hard copy.
  • Volunteers are needed to host International Students for Thanksgiving. To sign up as a host family, contact Ani Antanesyan at (213) 740-1046 or email Participants can also sign up onlineor visit the Office of International Services located in the Student Union, Room 300.
  • Janette has been interviewed by the Chronicle for Higher Education.
  • A proposal submitted by the Emeriti Center to the USC Society for Aging was accepted this March. Research is now underway.

Emeriti College/Janette Brown:

  • The position of Executive Director for the Emeriti College (EC) is open. A volunteer is needed who can spend five (5) to ten (10) hours per week organizing and managing the EC. The EC web site has many details concerning EC programs available to all. See the web site at

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • Janette Brown’s father recently passed away. Janette asked that donations in his memory be made to the Emeriti Center. President Mike suggested that the Board make a donation to the Emeriti Center, above and beyond our normal level of donations, in honor of her father. Extensive discussion ensued. Issues included the appropriateness of such a donation, whether or not to also recognize Janette’s mother (who passed away a few years ago) and the form the donation, if made, should take. A motion was made to make a pledge in honor of Janette and her parents, to be commemorated on a wall plaque. Moved: Linda K. Forman; seconded: Connie Horak. Motion failed. A second motion was made to donate $500 to the EC in honor of Janette Brown’s parents (by name). Moved: Donna Simmons; seconded: Linda K. Forman. Motion passed.

Future Meeting Dates:

  • November 18 – SRA Board Meeting
  • December 2 – Annual Holiday Breakfast
  • January 16 – SRA Board Meeting
  • February 17 – SRA Board Meeting
  • March 17 – 32nd Annual Staff Retirement Luncheon
  • April 21 – SRA Board Meeting
  • May 19 – SRA Board Meeting
  • June TBD – General Meeting and election of officers
  • Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.

Recorded by Linda K. Forman