Board Meeting Minutes – January 20,2017



Friday, January 19, 2017 – 10:00 am, URC102

DRAFT MINUTES Minutes Pending Approval


Present: Janette Brown, Bill Givens, Jill Hopkins, Connie Horak, Dixon Johnson, Mike Klineman, Calvin Lau, Dick Martin, Howard Saperston, Donna Simmons, David Tool, Lynn Williams

Absent: Bob Church, Fred Dear, David Donovan, Sally Emerson, Linda Forman, Carole Gustin, Art Ochoa, Jo Ochoa, Harriet Servis

Others Present:

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:02 AM by President Mike Klineman.

Minutes: Minutes of the November 18, 2016 and October 21, 2016 were approved as corrected. Moved, Donna Simmons; Seconded, David Tool.


President/Mike Klineman:

  • The President called the meeting to order and commented that the December 2016 Holiday -Celebration was great.

Finance/Dick Martin:

  • Treasurer’s report: Dick circulated a detailed financial analysis of all income and expenses for the current fiscal year, as of 1/11/2017 (est.). Based on Dick Martin’s estimates (statements are running late), the USC Credit Union accounts total $31,993.76, with $18,326.69 in the checking account. The SRA share of the Endowment Account is $59,097.17 (annual earnings rate = 4.50%). Year to date for 2016-17 total funds received for dues, endowment and gifts are $13,435.
  • As of 1/17/2017 we had 287 renewals/new members for 2016-17 (plus 130 joint members) with 72 2016 delinquents. Three (3) members renewed beyond 2017, and we have 169 Life Members. Implementing the ability to pay for membership dues on-line is being considered.

Vice President’s Report Hospitality and Programs/Connie Horak, Harriet Servis, and Donna Simmons:

  • As noted by President Mike, the December Holiday Celebration was a great success, both in terms of meals and entertainment. The terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among the Emeriti Center (EC), the Retired Faculty Association (RFA) and the Staff Retirement Association (SRA) were met by all participants. Food costs were $5,040; other expenses $1,525 for a total of $6,564. To facilitate check-in for next year, the committee suggested a combined check-in for both RFA and SRA. Respective Treasurers could provide a list of delinquent members so volunteers could ask for dues payments.
  • Planning is now underway for the 32nd Annual Staff Retirement Luncheon to be held March 17, 2017. Upgrading the food offering is being considered. Dan Stimmler will speak. The Board discussed ways in which the invitation could include information about the first year’s SRA dues being free. The group picture of new retirees will be taken immediately before lunch is served, around noon.
  • A tour of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is being considered for Friday, June 16, 2017. Lunch might be in the Coliseum Board Room.
  • Some ideas for future general meetings were shared (e.g. Glorya Hoffman School of Dance visit, and USC Village tour).

RFA/Calvin Lau:

  • Calvin Lau is currently interim President for the Retired Faculty Association (RFA) and will officially run for the position in March. The RFA Board is reviewing all governing documents.
  • The RFA Board meeting date has been changed to the second Friday of each month.
  • Jerry Walker will serve as Vice President, Jack Sanders as Secretary, Ken Servis as Treasurer, and Victor Webb as web master.
  • The RFA Board is consolidating focus on outreach to newly retired faculty, its Sherry Hour programs and the Coldwell Scholarship.

Staff Assembly Report/David Donovan (reported by Bill Givens):

  • The newly elected president of the Staff Assembly (SA) Jeff De Caen attended today’s meeting. SA will be meeting in a variety of venues across both the University Park (UPC) and Health Sciences (HSC) campuses, striving to penetrate silos and open communication. Jeff can be reached at David Donovan has accepted the position of liaison with the SRA.
  • Jeff noted that a smoke free university wide program will be implemented shortly.

Staff, Student and Community Opportunities and Activities Committee/David Tool:

  • David Tool will be moving out of the area, and therefore has resigned for his positions with SRA and other community organizations. He will continue to participate, as time permits, until he moves.
  • Mike Klineman awarded David a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the SRA and Janette Brown presented a proclamation on behalf of EC commended David for his vigorous participation in the USC and neighborhood communities.
  • David Jackson (USC Credit Union), Ed Tanaka (Business Librarian), Joel Forman (SRA spouse member) and two others attended a luncheon concerning veteran’s affairs and veteran mentoring programs at USC. Janette Brown hosted the luncheon.
  • Helga Schwartz from the Dornsife College Department of Biology will talk to Bill Regensberger to identify a community leader to support communication and training concerning emergency preparedness.
  • SRA will reach out to Spanish speaking staff and faculty to help Spanish speaking students, employees and community residents in times of emergency.

Internet/Web Site Content/Open:

  • The EC, RFA and SRA web sites are being actively updated. We need volunteers to review the changes. Please log-on and review for appearance, ease of use and content. Email suggested changes to the web sites to John Casagrande at with copies to Janette Brown and the EC staff at

Benefits and Resources/Connie Horak:

  • More retirees are needed to participate on the Benefits and Resources committee. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month.
  • Gold cards, labeled spouse, will be available for SRA spouses. Contact Keri Marroquin to make arrangements.
  • The Accessibility Advisory Committee is documenting buildings that are handicapped accessible and have hearing assist options.
  • Keri Marroquin has restructured the Retired Transitions Seminars into smaller monthly seminars for 20-30 people. Janette Brown suggested a broad range of topics for the seminars.

Special Events/Dick Martin and Bill Givens:

  • The SRA has 50 tickets available for the April 8, 2017 matinee performance of the School of Dramatic Arts spring musical, which this year will be Grease.
  • A tour of the Los Angeles Asia museum is being organized. Details will be available on the EC web site. Suggested transportation for the tour is the Metro rail to the Memorial Park Station in Pasadena.
  • Additional suggestions include: a tour of the pipe organ at Disney Hall, a request by Christine Slade for a tour of a recycling facility (aka “Blue Bin”) a tour of the Los Angeles Federal Reserve Bank, a tour of the Holocaust Museum at Fairfax Park, a visit to the Broad Museum followed by lunch at the family style restaurant next door; a small-group visit to the early California arts collection at the Jonathon Club hosted by member Mary Lane and organized by Harriet Servis, repeat of docent led tour of the Metro red line art displays.

Emeriti Center/Janette Brown:

  • Our student assistants are housed in URC 103. Emails to Janette Brown and/or the EC should also be copied to the student workers at, so that they can more effectively help Janette.
  • The SRA Newsletter is in final review. Contact Janette if you have any material to include.
  • Another physical therapy workshop is scheduled for this spring, March 15, 2017.
  • An IPod workshop is scheduled for April 7, 2017.
  • The EC has tickets for the March 22, 2017 Meet the Coach USC baseball game, which will be held at 2 pm. Contact the EC for more information.
  • The new USC payroll module has for documenting special employee talents. It will also, eventually, have space to include demographics concerning retirees.
  • Retirees can log on to the Employee Gateway. There is a section to “Shout Out” to recognize colleague’s achievements.

Emeriti Center College/Janette Brown:

  • The Emeriti Center College (ECC) is currently in limbo. The position of Director for the ECC is open. A volunteer is needed who can spend five (5) to ten (10) hours per week organizing and managing the EC. The EC web site has many details concerning EC programs available to all. See the web site at

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • The SRA Board review of the SRA By-Laws, so that any needed changes will be ready to submit to the General Membership at the June 2017 meeting, was tabled to the February 17, 2017meeting due to time constraints. All Board members need to review the suggested changes to the By-Laws.

Future Meeting Dates:

  • February 17 – SRA Board Meeting
  • March 17 – 32nd Annual Staff Retirement Luncheon
  • April 21 – SRA Board Meeting
  • May 19 – SRA Board Meeting
  • June 16 – General Meeting and election of officers

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm.

Recorded by Linda K. Forman

Minutes Pending